Sep 9, 2009


Aaaaaahhhh I have been so so bad with updating my blog!!! It has been months since my last post and I have so much to share! Thank you for still visiting and commenting despite my absence...I know I keep saying I'll promise to post more often, but this time I genuinely mean it!
Anyway, let's start- LISBON! Yes, actually my last post was about Palermo but about a week before I had been in the beautiful mediterranean in Lisbon, a city I am truly in love with ever since I first visited it a few years back. To me, Lisbon is an example of what could be my kind of town- a unique mix of a vibrant city with just minutes away beautiful sandy beaches and green hills...a delicious offering of scrumptious cuisine whether it be the infamous bacalhau (for you salty ones out there) or the sacred pasteis de nata (for the sweet tooths- so that would include me hehe), and to top it off fantastic weather pretty much all year long coupled with a generous culture composed of what I believe could be some of the friendliest people in Europe. Yes indeed you get my point- Lisbon is my kind of town!!!
Of course I took plenty of pictures, including some mouthwatering snaps I wanted to share with you here.
For a complete overview of my sweet & short three day trip in Lisbon, check out my Flickr stream!
Here it is: the world famous pasteis de nata (also known as Pasteis de Belem)- a must try when in Lisbon. Get ready to discover the most addictive crispy, crunchy, creamy, cinnamon-y sweet treat ever!

And other sweet temptations at every bakery in every street corner... so much to drool at, so much to try!
I fell in love with Broas de Mel (honey based chunky biscuits, with or without nuts "noz")- if anyone has a good recipe to share please tell!
And I must inform you of the most amazing gelati place we found at the Rossio train station. While we were waiting for our train to visit the beautiful town of Sintra, we very randomly discovered a gelati shop on the first floor of the Rossio station- remember- it's first floor, Rossio station...for the most creamy luscious gelati ever, with a particularly interesting array of dulce de leche flavours too.
And once you have had your first scoop trust me you will be going back again and again...just like what we did!
If you visit Lisbon, it would be a shame to not do a day trip to Sintra, a cute charming town where you can notably visit the "castelo dos mouros" (below, literally: castle of the walls, you will understand once you see it!) and try the Sintra specialty "queijada da sintra" (above) which are something of sweet cheese based tarts that are so tender that it feels like someone is giving your tummy a tender comforting hug!
Also in Sintra (but also pretty much everywhere in Lisbon), you can try shots of a typical liquor "ginja" served in chocolate cups- fabulous, totally loved those!

DO visit the beachy town of Cascais (reachable by bus from Lisbon)- take a break from the city-side of Lisbon and walk on miles of golden sand and colourful street alleys, watch the sunset and glistening water and feel the silky breeze caress your skin. Yes that totally sounds cheezy but in a totally good way!
Of course how can anyone NOT think of salted codfish "bacalhau" (above) when pronouncing the word "Portugal"? It would be unforgiveable to not eat fish in Lisbon- we had some amazing sardines & tuna in a traditional restaurant "Alfaia" (in Bairro Alto, a must-see- especially at night as that is when the area bursts with life and interesting characters). The fish is prepared in the most simple manner- just some olive oil, garlic and herbs- to allow you to savour the true taste of the fish instead of disguising it with millions of ingredients! That is how I personally enjoy fish- in it's most simple attire!

So that is it, my post has come to an end but there is more to discover visually. Lisbon is truly a great destination, definately worth a visit. It might not be as popular as Barcelona, Rome or Athens... but it is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean region, with an undefinable magical charm that will let you leave with that notorious sensation of "saudade", which apparently does not translate into any other language... but after having been to Lisbon numerous times, even though I can't find the exact word for "saudade" in English I think I might know what saudade feels like...
P.S: I was in Istanbul recently so I will try to post about that soon, and I am travelling in the Mediterranean in a few days (guess where???) there will be lots to share!!


Maria said...

How beautiful! You've captured it all so well ... looks like you had a wonderful time. Can I ask what type of camera you use? I am in the process of purchasing a new one and your photos look so great I was wondering what camera you work with.

Can't wait to see photos from your other trips!

Marianna said...

Hi Maria, thx for your nice comment!! Im using a Sony A-200 DSLR which I bought about 4 months ago... been really happy with it so far, it's my first reflex and I think a good one to start off with!

Bellini Valli said...

What a fantastic place. I can't wait to travel there when my daughter gets married in Portugal in a few years:D

365 Tage said...

You have such a wonderful knack to catch all the best things in your fotos - it all looks to die for...come back soon with more pleeeze