Jun 22, 2009


Beautiful view on Mondello
Wow... so it has been quite some time since I last updated my blog eh! When I started this blog, I was definately conscious that it meant taking some time out of my life to keep this blog alive, but what can I say? Life just hasn't given me time these last couple of months... and having not been able to update my blog has been killing me! Plus, I've been travelling quite a bit in the meantime, and I'm dying to share with you some delicious memories I'm not ready to forget!
So, let's start with a first destination: PALERMO! Beautiful, sunny, mediterranean, tremendously Italian charming vibrant and colourful Palermo. It had been years that I've wanted to visit this city, and I am so thankful to have finally flown down there to irresistable southern Italy. I was blown away- Palermo turned out being so much more amazing then I thought it would be! From the minute I arrived until my last seconds to boarding on the plane heading back to Paris, I was infatuated by the splendour of the city, it's people...and the food! My goodness- the food- undeniably some of the best I've had in Italy (along with Napoli). If there is a heaven for tastebuds, then that heaven is in Palermo- and for your pleasure, enjoy just some of the hundreds of photos I snapped away while in Sicily- the full set can be viewed on my Flickr stream.
The land of gelati
It would be criminal to not try an authentic Sicilian cannoli- they are out of this world!
Giant cassata or mini cassatine...another Sicilian sweet specialty
Above: anise seed & almond cookies (which were amazing, I brought some back home with me). These were from "Pasticceria Cappello"- a place that I was told was a "must see"!
Below: Almond goodies, almost but not exactly like amaretti morbidi.
Above: luminously yellow cedro on the beautiful beach of Mondello.

Above: this trip was the first Couchsurfing experience I've had- I was interested in meeting locals, and didnt want to be just a tourist staying at a hotel seeing things from a distance. I met some amazing people, and was so fortunate to have the chance to try a most delicious home made pasta alla norma & spaghetti con bottarga prepared by a lovely Sicilian I met! In return, the next night I prepared a Middle Eastern dinner, it was a wonderful culinary cultural exchange!

Another must try: Arancine, a typical Sicilian specialty.
The markets are phenomenal- a must do when in Palermo. All your senses are tickled and elevated by the sights, sounds and smells... additionally animated by a colourful cast of characters at each market stand selling delicious local produce.

The longest zucchini I've ever seen! Each one measured about 1,5m in length!

Above: typical varities of street food, such as "pane ca meusa" which apparently is not just Siclian, but genuinly Palermitan.
Welcome to cheese heaven!!!

So there you are- just some of the many beautiful things I have seen in Palermo! I hope these visual memories make you want to visit Palermo too if you havent been there yet- let me tell you, it is worth it 110%! :-) Do visit the old quarters of the city, stop by Mondello and look into the turquoise waters and lie down on the sandy beaches, stroll through the incredibly charming village of Monreale, do not leave before having tried a cannolo, a scoop (or two) of gelati, stop by every pasticceria and treat your eyes with some sweetness, wake up early and walk through the markets, get lost through narrow streets and enjoy sights of laundry drying on the balconies, meet some of the friendliest people, enjoy every second and promise yourself that you'll be back again...

I will be back soon with images from another gorgeous destination... see you soon!


Daziano said...

Hey, I'm in Italy now!!! What a vacation you had in Sicily!!! Great photos!

Peter G said...

Welcome back Marianna! You've really captured the spirit of Palermo and Sicily in your pics! They're absolutely stunning.

Marta said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip with us!!!
I was in Sicily for 3 weeks last year, but unfortunately only allocated 2 days to Palermo: dumb call!!! I'm going back for sure because this city is fascinating!

Maria said...

Oh my goodness ... it's all so beautiful! You really captured the essence of Palermo. I would love to visit some day.

Tamara said...

wow - i just found your blog and LOVE it. i'm a big fan of mediterranean food and culture and am really enjoying your photographs and descriptions. my fiance and i are planning a honeymoon next year, and we're considering that part of the world. we live in melbourne. i can't make up my mind though - italy or syria or cyprus - sigh. any recommendations?

Annina said...

beautiful pictures!! I definitely have to go to Switzerland as well!!

Anonymous said...

Really random question, but do you have a good recipe on hand for grape leaves (with meat and rice)?

jess said...

i love all your photos! especially those of gelato.

you should definitely submit some of these photos to www.donteatthatyet.com. it's a visual restaurant review site with a template similar to that of tastespotting. i believe they accept photos from traveling too!

Taste of Beirut said...

I loved your photos! You have great talent! My mom went to Palermo and came back saying that she could definitely sense the Arab influence. I love your blog, I will be visiting again!

John said...

What a beautiful fantastic looking place!

365 Tage said...

your pictures kind of explain why southern Italians are happy and cool people despite everything they are up against - including poverty and Berlusconi...