Jan 19, 2008

The glorious macaron

I can feel it- my waistline HAS gotten bigger. The damages after the holiday season have happened. Sigh...For that reason, I have stopped the baking for a while until my stomach gets a bit flatter! Keep the flour, eggs, sugar and butter away from me... hopefully for not too long though!

But temptation is always lingering around the corner... Wanted to go on a diet, but instead I receive a wonderful box of macarons from Ladurée... how to resist? Impossible!

So silly me, I thought that if I photographed them instead of eating them, maybe that could help calm down my macaron craving - wrong! Fortunately however, I don't feel as guilty as macarons are always a pleasure to photograph. They are luxurious but fun, and most of all very inspirational. I especially enjoy linking them to girly accessories- rings, necklaces, lipstick and bags! A while back I had tried out taking such photos, and today I have the continuation. Although I am by far not a professional photographer (still probably need 100 years until that happens), but I do love sharing - food and photos! Enjoy! (you can also see them on my flickr stream www.flickr.com/photos/mariannaf)

Where it all starts...opening the box!

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Kajal@aapplemint said...

tell me about gaining weight !!! i'm technically on a diet as well, cant seem to fit into any clothes. It gets really difficult to blog and not eat :P Love the photograph parade of the Macarons .... the 1st picture is my Fav.