Dec 6, 2007

Holiday Deliria!

You know what- I love cooking and baking, but I also love marketing, advertising, trends that come and go, product launches, design, innovation, etc... And towards the end of each year, all these factors combined seem to appear in the culinary world all around the city (I'm in Paris). Every week, there's something new to discover, taste, or to read about. It's thrilling and feels like adrenaline running through my tastebuds!
Less then a month to go! Goodbye 2007, hello 2008! And no, I am not making any New Year's resolutions...except that maybe my sweet tooth will continue getting sweeter in the years to come. Something definately to look forward to, especially when each holiday season the big food names in France pull out absolutely fabulous holiday deliria in eatable (drinkable too) formats!

So I wanted to share some recent creations I've spotted. Interesting, fantastic, festive, "wow" creations! Stuff that leaves me in awe and reminds me why I love culinary arts in the first place.

Where do I start?

Lenôtre- very famous patissier, traiteur, chocolatier, caterer (and the list goes on) in France. It's been around since 1947, and now has shops open in 12 countries. Each year, Lenôtre pairs up with a designer for a unique Christmas buche. This time, the honour goes to Karl Lagerfeld for the 2007 buche- but also the 50th anniversary of Lenôtre buche!

Rock'n'roll, chocolatey, gingerbready, with tones of bitter orange and rivers of apricot-orange coulis. It comes presented in a mysterious box, and surrounded by mirror walls, so that the buche can ask "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the deliciousest of them all"?

For more info:

Fauchon- another reknown patissier, traiteur, highly recognizable with it's signature brand colour: pink. What they've done this year happens to be my favourite, and that does'nt even include their stunning campaigns (I LOVE them!!) that just scream glamour, appetite, and celebration (you should had seen last year's- unbelievable!)

As I was checking their 2007 holiday revelations, I fell on this very cool éclair- from the name to the way it looks! The "éclair fourrure" is sprinkled with coconut and silver sparkles! How cool is that??!!! After the macaron craze, I see an éclair mania coming up..

And for those who prefer something salty, there is an éclair au truffe!!

On a more cakey side, please admire this amazing satiney "buche baroque"

And this gateau disco!! Can I say OMG a hundred times in a row please?!

Fore more info:

Pierre Hermé- well yes, I had to include him too! The master of surprises, a true magician, one who can play around with almost any flavour, texture, smell, taste, shape...and then create unique wonders- the 8th wonder of the world is him with no doubt!
I don't think much words are needed, because the images speak for themselves!
Look at this buche à la truffe noire ! LOOK AT IT!!

And wait, it's not over. Please ouh and ahh again for these balsamic vinegar macarons!!! BALSAMIC VINEGAR!!

And in a certain way, I could see this coming. I could see matcha appearing somewhere, somehow. And there it was: exquisite milk-chocolate and matcha truffles, rolled in crushed pistachios. Matcha really is "the" thing these days, huh.

Of course there are other wonderful things, but these were my personal faves.

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Ladurée- another distinguished house, particularly well known for their macarons. Not only are their macarons beautiful- but the boxes!! The boxes, I repeat! Some of the most dazzling boxes I have ever seen!
I mean, look at this one, the "baroque" collection.

And the "diva" (left) and "clé de sol" (right). The diva macarons are precious- red and generous coverings of feuilles d'or.

On a side note, it was also interesting to see Ladurée's recent collection at Sephora! Shimmering brioche scented body powder and macarons soaps are just a few delicious cosmetic items!

If I had those soap macarons, I'm not sure I would want to wash my hands with them!! They are too pretty to be used up!!

For more info:

Lindt- A while back, I had heard about Lindt's 99% chocolate. Naturally, when I found it, I had to buy it. Definately not something to be eaten in chunks, but should rather be enjoyed as if it was a wine-tasting session. Recently however as I was buying some stuff in the chocolate aisle (where you're very likely to find me :-) ). I found the 99% concept being transported into truffles!! Haven't had the chance to try them yet...but it must certainly be something interesting...and intense!

For more info:

Evian- I'm not sure how Evian ends each year accross the world, but in France they always have a limited edition bottle. Sometimes they are nice, sometimes they are OK, but this year there's a luxurious feel as Christian Lacroix designed it! And even more luxuriously is that there are two bottles!!
A "pret a porter" bottle with prints that reminded me of a baboushka doll...? A very Nordic/Russian thing going on maybe?

And an "haute couture" bottle! PE-LEASE!!! I love this extravaganza!!

For more info:

Piper Heidsicker- champagne is yet another story! I haven't had the time to look around much, but I had been noticing all these print ads with chandeliers made of upside down champagne glasses...and then written was Viktor & Rolk for Piper Heidsicker. These two designers are geniuses, and I've loved their work since the start. They've no become incredibly well known and they have got real talent. They coupled up recently with H&M, and now on a more upscale level with Piper Heidsicker on a "rose sauvage"champagne. Even the name "rose sauvage" is amazing!!

For more info:

One thing I seem to have noticed this year is an interest in baroque influences? Ladurée, Fauchon and now that I come to think of it...that Lacroix Evian bottle. All are referring to baroque styles...the underlying trend maybe? Well, one thing is for sure, fashion and food are definately brothers from different mothers. A shared passion, but expressed in different ways-and to me, that is a wonderful thing indeed.

So with all of this said, I can only hope that in 12 months time the holiday deliria will be even more delirious!


Sylvia said...

What a beautiful and interesting blog you have. I really enjoy reading.

Cindy. Lo. said...

My god,
That diva and cle de sol macarons look so goooooood!

Marianna said...

Thanks for the comments. There are a lot of interesting eatable and drinkable things happening over the holiday season!