Dec 10, 2007

Have you tried a Martini Tiramisu yet?

It happened once again. I had a food dream the other night (this has been happening quite often lately). Delicious dreams of ingredients, colours, tastes and textures. I am just happy I’ve never unconsciously eaten my pillows or blanket during one of those food-dream moments.

Well, I shouldn’t really be complaining, should I? What is there to complain about when I’m dreaming about a tiramisu? Maybe I wasn’t complaining in the first place, and maybe I should get to the point. Martini Tiramisu. What the on earth is that? A Martini Tiramisu is basically a female specimen of the tiramisu variety. I call it female because of all the pink in it, and the generally “girly” look it has. Based on the classic recipe, it uses biscuits roses de Reims and raspberry coulis instead (the latter going against the entire notion of the original tiramisu’s purpose of being a caffeine booster)(but hellooo, we are in the 21st century- so experimentation is totally allowed). As for the alcohol ingredient… as I was thinking (or rather dreaming) of pink, Martini Rosato was the only fit candidate, really. What you get at the end is therefore a tasty and different tiramisu prettily decorated with fresh raspberries.

I can totally see that Hello Kitty cat eat this, except that wait…if she’s a minor then she can’t have it because of the alcohol. So maybe a character from SATC instead? But do they really eat? I can’t imagine that they do- how will they fit in a size zero dress then?

In any case, I ate it, and I ate it guilt-free…not worrying about any size zeros or how pink it all was (I usually have a thing against the colour pink). I also shared it with my tasters who gave me good feedback- so this will be a recipe I will save and use again for another occasion.

As for the dreaming, I’m just happy I don’t sleep with some delectable John Hamm (Don in Mad Men) look-alike…who would probably wake up to only find me drooling as I’m still caught up in my scrumptious reverie…

Recipe for Martini Tiramisu:

  • 360cc coulis de framboise
  • 30cc Martini Rosato
  • Another 30cc Martino Rosato
  • 4 egg yolks (the proper Tiramisu needs eggs, but I personally omitted it from mine)
  • 100gr sugar
  • 450gr mascarpone
  • 230cc whipped cream
  • 40 biscuits roses
  • raspberries

Who to make it:

  1. Mix the coulis de framboise and Martini Rosato. Set aside
  2. Beat the egg yolks in a bain marie, until they become a bit fluffy
  3. Beat in the sugar and one of the 30cc Martini
  4. Continue whisking eggy mix until it thickens and bubbles start just appearing
  5. In a seperate bowl, whip the mascarpone
  6. Then add the eggy mix
  7. Then add the whipped cream. Mix all well until smooth
  8. Soak the biscuits roses in the coulis de framboise and Martini mix. Then line up a first row in a container
  9. Spread over the creamy mix
  10. Repeat with a second layer of biscuits + cream
  11. Place in fridge for about 4 hours
  12. Take out and decorate with raspberries

Enjoy :-)

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Patricia Scarpin said...

Oh, this is so Samantha Jones - sexy!
And she does work out a lot, if you know what I mean... :)

The dessert looks beautiful and since I don't like coffee I think your tiramisu is perfect!