Jan 6, 2013

Rose Frangipane Galette des Rois

The calendar reads that today is January 6th- which is the day Epiphany is celebrated- and also the day we all stuff our faces with delicious King Cake. Having spent many years in France, the treat of my choice has always been the Galette des Rois- which is nothing more then scrumptious frangipane sandwiched in between two layers of flaky puff pastry. It sounds simple (which it is) and happens to be my favourite "holiday sweet" of the year- that I admit to making it even if we're no longer in January! 

By the way, in France there's a tradition that each galette holds a slice with a figurine hidden in it. The person who randomly gets this slice will have a lucky year (or something like that) and gets to wear a crown on their head.  This time around I actually got that slice, so that makes me look forward to the next twelve months!

Anyway, for this year's galette edition I slipped some rose petal confit and a few drops of rose water into my frangipane. It left a subtle and elegant undertone with a discrete pretty visual touch of pink petals. 
A spoonful of rose confit (usually available in the jam/spreads section)
So that was truly delicious and the rose studded frangipane made for a superb combination... if I may say so myself! 

Also, I just came back from a good handful of days in Paris- which was lovely of course. It's always good to go back and spend time with the family, break with a bit of European lifestyle and indulge in so much good food! As with each of my visits, I try to snap away images that reflect French details I love so much... 

... even if it means lots of rain on the world's most famous avenue...the Champs-Elysees.

For more snippets of my trip, including everything from cobblestone streets to ridiculously beautiful pastries, here's the full set:

Enjoy the photos and happy King's cake day!

Click here for the Galette des Rois recipe including step-by-step pictures. Feel free to keep it classic or add a flavour twist (anything from rose water to pistachio to chocolate...) 

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