Jun 27, 2010


A while back when I wrote up my honey gelato recipe, I mentionned that I had an issue with eggs in desserts and that, one day, I would eventually explain the reason for that.  Here is the situation: I don't mind the use of eggs in desserts (what else would justify all the delicious cakes I've been eating my whole life?) as long as I can't taste an ''eggy taste'' in it. I don't know how to describe what an ''eggy taste'' is, but I know that if I sense it in a dessert, then I can't have another bite. It's not an allergy to eggs (because I do eat foods that contain them) but it's a strong dislike to the taste of eggs. I guess that's the best way to explain it! That would also explain why I haven't had an omelette, boiled or poached egg or whatever-egg in the last, hmmm, 10 years more or less. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But everyone has a different reaction to tastes and foods, and I thought it would be good to get this egg confession off my chest once and for all :)
Anyway, now with that cleared out... my dilemna was how do I continue enjoying one of my favourite desserts ever- the eggy tiramisu? With all the respect I have to Italian culinary traditions, most of the time I end up making tiramisu without eggs. I had read recipes that called for gelatine, but I don't like using gelatine unless it's absolutely necessary.

Basically, my eggless tiramisu keeps all the espresso, savoiardi, marsala and cocoa goodness, but keeps out the zabaglione- which is instead simply prepared by mixing whipped cream, mascarpone, sugar and marsala.
I admit, I have fooled people with this eggless tiramisu before. People still find it delicious and there are usually requests for second servings. It's not till only after all is eaten and done that I admit it's eggless and no one has hated me for that yet :)

Recipe for Eggless Tiramisu:

500ml liquid cream (20% fat minimum), cold and refrigerated
250gr mascarpone, at room temperature
100gr sugar
100ml Marsala
25-30 savoiardi (or ladyfingers)

For the coffee dip:
400 ml espresso coffee + 4 teaspoons sugar
(this might make more then what you end up using, but it's better to have more then too little)

Whip the cream until it has a thick consistency. If possible, try to whisk it in a cold bowl that has been placed in the freezer for a couple of hours prior to usage. Then add the mascarpone and sugar, whisk gently- you just want it to make sure the ingredients are well mixed. Gradually add the marsala, mix gently and briefly. Place mixture in fridge.
Line up half of the savoiardi onto the base of your container, pour over the coffee dip (or you can dip the savoiardi into the coffee before placing into container- as you prefer). Spread a layer of the cream mixture, repeat procedure with a second layer of savoiardi and cream mixture. Sprinkle with cocoa and refrigerate for at least 5 hours.


Serene said...

This is essentially the recipe I use (which I found at http://www.cookingforengineers.com/recipe/26/Simple-Tiramisu ) and so far no one has missed the eggs. Everyone just raves over how good it is, and it's so easy that now I can do it with no recipe, so it's become one of my standbys.

Your pics are beautiful.

Miryam said...

I love tiramisu, it is one of my favorite desserts along with cheesecake and ice cream. This recipe it is just exactly the same the one that I make, why? because like you I hate to eat raw eggs. I eat eggs any other way but when there is raw eggs in a recipe I always have to skip, how funny, I have never encounter any body with this food dislike :-)

365 Tage said...

this is such an easy solution for egg-phobics - really creative, Marianna.

fragile said...

amazing!! one of my favorite desserts. i love this easy and simple recipe.

Anonymous said...

It;s a great recipe but Ladyfingers themselves have EGGS in them. Is there a recipe for Ladyfingers?

Lavi said...

Same! I cannot STAND eggy tastes, especially in desserts! The pictures look so good, and I can't wait to try this out!

Anonymous said...

I understand that you don't like uncooked egg in the recipe, but saing it is eggless is very confusing. My daughter has egg allergy and I have been looking for truly eggless tiramisu, but no luck so far. Ladyfingers are mainly eggs and sugar :)