Jun 18, 2010


Quick update- I've just come back from a very spontaneous session in the kitchen...and...in sticking to homemade gelato goodness, can I just say that if you ever venture down chocolate lane, please add some orange blossom water AND cardamom. It has to be both together, preferably! What wonders it will do to your chocolate gelato (or ice cream, whatever you decide to do!) It will provide a lovely tingle to your tastebuds, the orange blossom water with the cardamom make a beautiful symphony with the chocolate.

I thought this was news worth sharing- give this flavour combination a try next time!

Recipe for chocolate gelato with orange blossom water & cardamom:

300ml milk
300ml liquid cream
100gr brown sugar
1 tablespoon orange blossom water
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
20gr unsweetened cocoa
100gr 70% chocolate, chopped
300ml cold milk + 1 tablespoon cornstarch

In a pot, heat 300ml milk with the cream, sugar, orange blossom water and ground cardamom in a pot. Then add the cocoa and baking chocolate, stir and make sure the chocolate has fully melted into the mixture. Just make sure that during this process, the milk and cream doesn't burn. In a cup, mix the cornstarch with 300ml of cold milk- make sure the cornstarch has dissolved completely, then add to the pot and keep mix over heat for two minutes. Remove from heat, chill in fridge for at least two hours before transfering to your ice cream machine. Follow manufacturer's instructions, and enjoy either immediately or place mixture in freezer for a couple of hours.


365 Tage said...

this put a grin across my face! but where to find orange blossom water, here in Munich? I will try..

Marianna said...

hey! you should find it either at middle eastern shops and even at supermarkets in the baking section by brands like dr.oetker or vahine for ex. here in france its widely available and easy to find in any supermarket...maybe in munich too? good luck! :)

Nina Timm said...

That sounds totally mouthawateringly decadent!!!!

Jessica said...

Sounds appealing, but wonder where I can find the orange blossom water? I'm in the states...


Marianna said...

Hi Jessica, Im sorry Im not familiar w where you could find it in the US....my only advice is look in food specialty shops that sell Middle Eastern food...It is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine.