Feb 24, 2010



May I tempt you with a generous slice of what turned out to be an intensely chocolatey cherry cake I made for a recent birthday? I absolutely loved making this as it was a cake for a chocoholic from a chocoholic, and with such similar taste when it comes to desserts between the mr.birthday and myself I knew exactly what he wanted- we literally share a certain telepathy when it comes to sugar coated choices!

I love dusting cakes with cocoa- here it gave an elegant effect over the cherries!
The innards, devine!!

Recipe for Intensely Chocolatey Cherry cake:

200gr dark chocolate, broken down into pieces
200gr butter

200gr sugar
4 eggs
150gr flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
2 tablespoons cherry jam, heated until liquidy
Chocolate & liquid cream for the ganache, with portions set at 2 parts chocolate: 1 part cream
Cherries- pits removed.

Preheat oven to 180C. Melt the chocolate & butter together, set aside until it cools down a bit. In a bowl beat the sugar and eggs until mixture whitens, then add the melted chocolate/butter. Add the flour, baking powder and salt- mix well until smooth. Transfer batter to cake mould (fill 3/4 up) lined with parchment paper and bake for 25mins (check with a sharp knife and extend time by 10 mins if needed). Remove from oven, let cool and place cake in freezer for 1 hour- this is to allow easier slicing for later step.
Prepare ganache: in a pot, heat the liquid but do not let it burn. Remove from heat, throw in the chocolate, cover with lid for 5 mins. Remove lid and stir until smooth and silky.
Slice cake in half horizontally. On the bottom half, poke layer with a fork and brush over the liquidy cherry jam. Follow with a layer of the ganache and then some cherries. Cover bottom half with the top half, and coat entire cake with chocolate ganache. If you have leftover cherries, use some on top for decoration and optionally you can dust it all with cocoa. Place in fridge for a few hours until set and then enjoy!

Of course- feel free to use other fruits: raspberries, strawberries, etc!


Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

Looks very decadent and chocolatey Marianna...yum!

Maria said...

How decadent does that cake look?! Sinful ... ;)

Joy said...

That is insane. I love it. It may be decandent but since you used dark chocolate, you could consider it being good for you :D.

Chef Catherine said...

Dark chocoalte and cherry is a match made in heaven. it looks and tastes amazing thanks for sharing

Nicole said...

This looks AMAZING! I spotted it on Tastespotting and had to come have a look. Just one question though - the cherries in the pic look like they have been cooked but there is no mention of that in the recipe?

MizThreefivesix said...

glacé cherries?

Christiana said...

I just came across your blog and I am now a follower! You have a great blog and the photos are wonderful.Cherries and chocolate...amazing
I have my own blog too and would love to know what you think!


Laura S. said...

Oh my gosh! This looks so decadent, I'm going to have to definitely try this one!

Bruce said...

Thanks for a great blog
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Miss P said...

Hiya, this recipe looks great! I'm also wondering if the cherries on top have been cooked at all? Also, could you give some measurements for the ganache please! Thanks, dying to give this a go!