Oct 1, 2009


I am posting here on my blog just minutes after these "fatayers" (Arabic for any dough-based pie-pizza-ish speciality) came out of the oven. If only you could smell how wonderful it is over here, and if only I could virtually send you a piece just so that you could try a bite of this Syrian speciality called "fatayer mouhamara".
It is delicious. Double delicious. Triple delicious ... and I'm not exaggerating!
But it definately needs some explanation.
1. The dough. Pretty straightforward.
2. But then comes this stuff- and this is where we need some details. Thus- the photo below.
So, ever tried anything like this before? The combination of ingredients is divine.
A bit of dough massaging.... and in the oven it goes!

Recipe for Fatayer Mouhamara (makes approx 4 to5 10cm diameter round pies)
For the topping:
4 onions, chopped
4 tbsps olive oil
1 tbsp tomato concentrate
1 tbsp pomegranate molasses
Salt to season
Mixture of pepper, cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg
Hot pepper (optional, but recommended!)
For the bread dough:
250gr flour + Yeast + 150ml warm water
The day before, combine all bread ingredients, knead well and leave dough overnight. Knead once again the next day, split into 4-5 balls. Preheat oven to 230C. In a bowl, mix all the topping ingredients. Mix well. Flatten dough balls to 1/2cm thickness and spread a generous layer of the topping. Place fatayers on tray lined with parchment paper and sprinkled lightly with some flour. Bake for 10-15 minutes, remove and relish!
P.S: Tony over at Olive Juice has another great fatayer recipe- spinach fatayer mmmm


Peter G said...

Very beautiful ingredients you used to top the fatayer...I'm quite interested in using the pomegranate molasses as I have never cooked with it before. Looks delicious Marianna!

Nina Timm said...

I have never tasted or tried this before, but with your instructions it would be a sin not to try!!!

Su-Lin said...

I've not tried this combination of spices and pomegranate molasses (never tried this either!)! It looks gorgeous!

LoveFeast Table said...

This looks divine! We love you site and want to add you to our blogroll. Do you have an email address? We can't find one on your site? Thank you! Kristin and Chris Ann lovefeasttable@gmail.com

Al├ępine said...


I love your recipe !

Kitchenmoments said...

this recipe, I'll do it for sure in the coming days. it seems so tasty!!