Apr 10, 2009


At any point in time, us cooking & baking lovers, will always be faced with leftovers...and I'm not speaking about leftover pizza slices that some people enjoy eaten cold for breakfast (I never really got that?), I'm talking about leftover egg yolks, ganache, pistachios, orange zest, or, in this case raspberries. Do you remember the raspberry cheesecake I posted not too long ago? Well after the cheesecake was baked and devoured by all, I was faced with handfuls of raspberries leftovers...I could have of course eaten them plain (which I did, some of them), I could had made ice-cream, or a crispy tarte fine (thin puff pastry tart), or even raspberry jam... but for some reason, my leftover remedy has always seemed to be muffins! They just seem perfect in every way... they are of the ideal size whether for breakfast or to accompany of cup of coffee, they look alluring on a tray inevitably tempting friends & family who pass through the kitchen, they can transport themselves conveniently to picnics or to work... they are pretty to look at and easy to make, and loved by (almost) everyone!

So what on earth could had stopped me from making muffins with my raspberry leftovers?!
And take these almond-raspberry muffins as an sweet interlude until I get back cooking in my beloved kitchen that I missed so much when I was away in Cuba last week...!
Raspberry-Almond muffins:
For approx 12 muffins:
2 eggs
100gr sugar
100gr melted butter
50ml milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence or a vanilla pod.
140gr flour
70gr ground almonds
5gr baking powder
Pinch of salt
Handful of delicious raspberries
Shredded almonds for decorating (and for crisp!)
Preheat oven to th4/180C/350F.
In a bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar together. Add the butter,milk and vanilla mix well. Add the flour, ground almonds, baking powder and salt, mix well. Then gently throw in the raspberries and stir...gently! Transfer batter to muffin moulds (with containers, optionally). Fill moulds in 3/4th of the way. Top off with a generous layer of shredded almonds and bake for 30mins. Check with a sharp knife if well cooked, if not extend baking by intervals of 10mins, always at th4. Remove, and let cool.


Peter G said...

A great use for raspberries Marianna! Muffins really hit the spot!

Kevin said...

Those raspberry muffins look great!

finsmom said...

yummy yummy yummy!
These look amazing! Love the almonds on the top! What a pretty presentation!

Thanks for sharing!

Dimah said...

Mmmm...these look so delicious!

Your photos in the archive(Syria and Lebanon) are gorgeous, thank you for the beautiful post and photos about my country Syria.
and thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey i dont know whether you still read these, but i made these the otherday with coconut and rasberries in and they were amazing. I was wandering if i could use the same recipe but put in chocolate instead of raspberries? :)

Marianna said...

Hi Anonymous- Im so happy you enjoyed them!!! Of course you can use chocolate instead of raspberries, you can eyeball the quantity of chocolate to add and adjust to your taste :)