Nov 16, 2008


People- I am starting to get into this culinary Christmas-y mood now. So do not be surprised if a lot of festive images & recipes start popping up on my blog in the coming weeks :-) Anyway, having said that, it only makes sense that marrons glacés are involved in today's post. Here in France, marrons glacés are really one of the most popular sweet delicacies to have at your table during the Christmas festive season. They can be found at shops throughout the year, but as of mid-November, they take over all the shelves alongside truffles, mendiants & other winter treats.
I personally love the combination of marrons glacés, milk chocolate and a tad bit of Grand Marnier, and these little truffle lookalikes contain exactly all these ingredients. They are easy to make if you get ready made marrons glacés. But if you are feeling really courageous... you can make them from scratch! ;-)Recipe for Marrons Glacés Grand Marnier Chocolate delights:

Marrons glacés
Milk chocolate melted in liquid cream (as for a ganache)
Grand marnier

Inside your milk chocolate ganache preparation, add your desired quantity of Grand Marnier. Adjust the quantity according to your personal taste. Roll each marrons glacés in the ganache mixture. Place in fridge for about 30 mins, and roll again in ganache. Place in fridge once again for about 15 minutes, and then roll each ball into the cocoa. They will need to rest in the fridge for a good hour before being consumed. Enjoy!


Daziano said...

Marrons glacés is one of my mom's favorite things! And this is SO perfect for Xmas!

Peter G said...

A very clever way to enjoy maron glace Marianna...dip them in lots of chocolate! YUM!

Caviar and Codfish said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm hoping to get in the Xmas mood soon too - gotta get baking!

Anonymous said...

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Tartelette said...

Love the new look of the site! Very classy in black!
The one thing I terribly miss around the holiday is marrons glaces...what I miss even more is sitting down in the sofa with my grandfather and sharing a couple!

c de cocina said...

I really like your new appearance: very nice! And, regarding those marrons glacés, just one word: Ummmmmmm. Love them. Really.

linda said...

Even though I've never hadd marrons glacés before I'm sure I would love them, looks delicious rolled in the ganache!

btw love your new design!

Peter M said...

Sheesh, and now it's a leaning tower of chocolat and're back with a bang all right!~