Oct 17, 2008


You know what? It has been ages (I'm talking years here) that I haven't had breakfast. I just happen to be one of those "not breakfast people" persons. I have no problem for sipping a strong coffee in the morning, but anything more then that I just can't. Why? Well I think it comes down to two main reasons:

1) breakfast items are just "boring" to me. Yes people, cereal, milk, croissants, eggs & Co just don't make me excited to get out of bed and eat.

2) breakfast makes me sleepy. So by now you are definately thinking that I am a bit odd, no? Well I don't know, but everytime I "try" to have brekkie, well I get sleepy and something funny happens with my digestion. It's that same sleepy feeling you get after a heavy lunch or dinner.

So voila, now you know something more about me and that I am not one of those breakfast people. The other day however, I found some green tomato jam and exceptionally for once, I had breakfast. It was once, and who knows if it will happen again, but since the day I bought this green tomato jam I have been wanting to do tons of things with it. And the first thing I checked off my list was adding a spoon of it into a yoghurt, muesli and candied ginger mix. I mean some of you breakfast people have yoghurt and muesli for breakfast right? Sometimes with a dab of honey, no? Well here we replace the honey with green tomato jam and add in some to the rescue-homemade-so called-"candied" ginger. Is this making your stomach grumble or is it sounding a bit too overwhelming in a strange kind of way? Well, maybe I don't like breakfast, but I like experimenting around with flavours and this I thought tasted very good. The question now however is, will I start bringing breakfast back into my life again???
Above: green tomato jam is yummy!
Below: so called "candied" ginger which in fact was just a rescue plan made from fresh ginger as I had no candied form at the time.
My once-in-a-lifetime-breakfast:
Green tomato jam
Muesli- and I recommend the crunchy kind
Candied ginger, diced

Mix everything together and set quantities according to your personal preferences. Enjoy!


Daziano said...

I've never had green tomatoes... can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

My friend recently moved to the Netherlands and has missed green tomatoes since the spring. Her in-laws grow tomatoes but refused to give her any green ones; they think they're poisonous (apparently rather common there?). Which is sad, because they're an amazing vegetable. Thanks for Marianna for reminding me of jam; now I can send my friend some. I just hope her in-laws don't think I'm trying to off her...

Su-Lin said...

Sounds like it might be a Christine Ferber jam...is it?

I too almost never eat breakfast...but it's a mixture of being really really lazy in the morning and preferring a hot, savoury breakfast!

Kevin said...

Green tomato jam sounds so interesting! I am going to have to try some.

Aran said...

oh looks great! i love tomato jam!