Feb 5, 2008

Food news!

I have just found out that Ladurée have started an online boutique! Hurrah! The link is www.laduree-boutique.com and you can buy all their delicious wonders with a few simple clicks, from macarons to "art de vivre" items (candles, etc).

In terms of edible treats, there are macarons, chocolates, confiseries and an epicerie for champagne, jams, teas, etc. The selection is quite extensive, and as for the macarons you cannot literally choose each and every flavour. They come in "classic", "fruity", "degustation" and "insolite" themes from boxes that contain 18 to 55 pieces.

In the art-de-vivre department, what I would personally most be lured into buying are the candles. The list of scents is simply divine: brioche, marron glacé, licorice, chocolate & orange... mmm! Almost mouthwatering! I can assume that these must be fabulous because I already have the Ladurée Sephora soap box and once you start sniffing, you simply cannot stop! The smells are addictive, and it is indeed extremely tempting to start biting into the soaps...and maybe the candles too I would guess!

The delivery seems to be very dynamic as they offer options to deliver within 2 hours of your order, or 24h with an online tracking option of your delivery- just as good as Amazon.com!
But what's better (and this is really the luxurious added value here) is the "white gloves delivery" option which means the Ladurée delivery man (or girl?) will come knocking on your door in elegant attire and white gloves! My goodness, this is the summum of chicness... very very far away from a pizza-man styled service!
With all this said, I think the online boutique is a wonderful idea, combining tradition and modernity...but what seems interesting is that it's launch happens to be a few days away from Valentine's day. A coincidence, anyone?

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Julia said...

That's wonderful! Love the Gants Blancs service too. Oh, to be in Paris in front of the computer right now...!