Oct 21, 2007

Macarons, earrings and lipstick

One of my dreams when I was a kid was to become a fashion designer. I've been drawing and painting since a very young age. Most of what I've done however was sketching clothes I dreamt of wearing. My mother has kept a book I had at the age of eight, where I drew page after page princess dresses, skirts, shirts, accessories, etc... Anyways, I kept drawing throughout my life, and still do...the only thing is that I didn't become a fashion designer. Don't ask me why, the reason is too long and complicated.

These days, one of my fashion fetiches are shoes! My collection just doesn't seem to end..

Anyway, I've also always loved food and cooking. I come from a family where the women love to cook (and dress up) and chat over their coffee sharing recipe secrets. I especially remember childhood memories, sitting on the balcony, and listening to my grandmother talk about her amazing dishes with such modesty, when she truly knew that her food was simply the very best. All my life I have been captivated with the beauty of fashion and food. I love things that are beautiful and that require passion and talent.

In the last few years, I've started to enjoy capturing these lovely things through photography. I am definately not a pro- but practice will hopefully make perfect.

So I live in Paris, and what better place to live in if one loves fashion and food? Some foods are very pretty and photogenic however: macarons for instance. Macarons are gorgeous, stunning, precious...like jewels! I am always surprised at how these sweet delights have become cult objects, and the inspiration world famous patissiers have in constantly finding ways to surprise us with new tastes, colours, feelings...

I've been having this idea of photographing macarons with jewellery, makeup...things that some women may find pleasure in...in the same way macarons give us pleasure yet in a different way.

I do admit that the above image is a bit kitsch-looking, but I may have purposely wanted my first attempt of a macaron-jewellery photo to look that way...and maybe also a bit dramatic.

My second attempt was to keep that drama element, but in a more...romantic way I guess? Placing rose petals with macarons illustrated delicateness, and (fake) diamonds it's uniqueness. For these first photos I've used chocolate macarons, but I do have many ideas that I'd like to try out. Something more colorful, pop, energetic, vibrant, fun! To be continued...

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Mad Baker said...

Hi Marianna. I didn't know you lived in Paris! The macarons look lovely with the rose petals. :o)