Oct 15, 2007

One of my favourite flavour trios

A few months ago, late late at night, I ran down to the kitchen and started to experiment around with some ingredients... I was in the mood for something sweet...but tangy at the same time... rich...but refreshing too...and something pretty to look at of course!

So there I was mixing coconut, white chocolate and lemon together...and what I made were truffles that smelled and tasted of these three key ingredients:

I left them in the fridge to cool, and the next day I told as many people as I knew to taste them! TASTE THEM AND YOU BETTER TELL ME THAT THEY'RE DAMN GOOD!! OR ELSE...!muahahahaaaa devil laugh.

Euh..ok nevermind that (the anxious thoughts that usually run in my mind as someone is opening their mouth to take a bite of something I've made).

So to my surprise, these little truffles of mine were quite a success and there were many oooohs and aaaahs to the flavour combination of coconut, lemon, and white chocolate together.

A couple of months later, I wanted to use these same ingredients and try them on something else, which led me to this:

Soft, ultra moist...things...hmmm...their texture is half way between a sponge cake and brownies...so I don't really know what to name them! Let's just call them minis...because it sounds cute. And cute is good.

I could had also tried this with lime, and used the zest to decorate with the grated coconut...that could had looked nice visually! (green and white sprinkled on top, imagine that)

Next time, I'm recycling this idea...but replacing white chocolate with dark! To be continued...


Piggy said...
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Piggy said...

Wow, you're creative! these minis look yummy. Did you put any flour? They look like sponge cakes.

Marianna said...

Hi, thanks for your nice comment. Yes there is flour in there. They do indeed look like sponge cakes, but also have a moist almost-brownie like texture :-)

Laura said...

Any way that you could come up with a recipe for the coconut, lemon, white chocolate truffles? They look and sound delicious!